EDIT ONE VIDEO creates an environment where we can work closely with you throughout the development and execution of your next production. From creative development to script writing, shooting and final editing, Edit One has you covered. Our services are fast and reliable. We are passionately committed to serving your best interests and providing the highest quality products and services at an affordable price.
Editing audio for your video project can sometimes be over looked. A good sound track for your video can make your project pop. Edit One Video uses editing techniques to maximize the quality of your video sound. We have Library of stock music, plus a software program that allows us customize your video sound. Edit One can show you how to use the spectral frequency view in adobe audition to fix tough audio issues and or take out background sounds without affecting the original audio track.

Video Editing and Post Production

Edit One Video editors have worked on many documentaries, broadcast series, promos, infomercials, commercials and corporate videos. Working both as part of a production team or on their own, our editors create interest and excitement for every viewer.
Edit One Video has a Digital HD Video Library with over 2000 animated and live video clips, which we provide royalty free and at no additional charge for your video production. We have the Sonicfire Pro music and sound effect program that lets us create music tracks that fit exactly to the length of your video production available at no extra charge. Edit One Video has a stock music library at your finger tips.